***MyTown,, and later requires at least Forge***

MyTown is a land protection mod, originally by Alphaest. You can create new towns, add members, setup personalized plots, configure plot and town permissions, and much more.


Example perm file in the downloads section.


  • Create towns – Don’t be a loner, play with others to create a town, big or small!
  • Nations – Nations allow towns to be next to each other, as well as chat easily in the nation chat channel!
  • Town teleporting – Don’t let your new recruits walk, let them teleport to get there quickly.
  • Residents, Assistants, Mayors – Towny-like hierarchy
  • Custom chat formatting and chat channels
  • Protects against IC2, BC3, ArsMagica, Thaumcraft 3, Thaumcraft 4, Railcraft, ComputerCraft Turtles, Mekanism, Modular Powersuites, Minefactory Reloaded, Steves Carts, Traincraft, Tinkers Construct, Twilight Forest, and Redpower 2, The Mists Of RioV, Lord of the Rings, Fireball, Wither (skulls and explosion), and TNT!
  • Permissions – Control what outsiders, friends, and nation members can do in the town or specific plots.
  • Claim half plots for roads
  • Autocomplete for all commands
  • Localization Support! See here!

Video Tutorial

MyTown Video Tutorial in English
MyTown Video Tutorial in German

Commands and Permissions

Important: If you use MCPC+ and handle the Permissions via Bukkit, give every group the* permission to enable the MyTown forge permissions!

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Chat – Communication

Command Permission In words
/ch [channel]<channel> Set the chat channel focus
/g <msg>
/tr <msg>
/h <msg>
/tc <msg>
/nc <msg>
no permission needed Sends a message to the specified channel
/tell [target] [msg]
/msg [target] [msg]
/w [target] [msg]
mytown.ecmd.msg Send a new private message to a player
/reply [msg]
/r [msg]
mytown.ecmd.reply Reply to the last private incoming message

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Teleport – Warp

Command Permission In words
/spawn mytown.ecmd.spawn Teleportation to the spawn after a preconfigured delay.
/home [name] mytown.ecmd.home  Teleport to a set homepoint
/sethome [name] mytown.ecmd.sethome.<n>  Set a new home
/delhome [name] mytown.ecmd.delhome  Delete an old homepoint
/t spawn [name] mytown.cmd.spawn.(own|other)  Travel to the spawn of the named town

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Town – Everyone

Command Permission In Words
 /t help <assistant/mayor/nation> mytown.cmd Shows the manual page for the defined group
/t map <on/off> Enabled the Town map which is split into chunks (16×16 block)
/t list mytown.cmd.list Lists all active Towns
/t info <name> Shows basic information about the given town
/t res [name] mytown.cmd.res Shows basic information about the given player
/t here Shows basic information about the town your standing inside
mytown.mayor.blocks.(2|4|8|16|32) Mayor block multiplier. Must be one of the numbers. Math
mytown.resident.blocksmulti.(2|4|8|10) Resident block multiplier. Must be one of the numbers. Math
mytown.res.blocks This is an option. Set this option to the number of blocks you want each resident to have. Multipliers do not affect this!
How many plots a town has is defined by multiple thingstotal blocks = perResidentBlocks + extraBlocks + nationBlocks.perResidentBlocks = mayorMulti * (# of residents * resMulti)
nationBlocks = nationAddsPerResident * numResidents + nationAddsBlocks

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Town – Non-Resident

 Command  Permission  In words
 /t new [name]<n> Creates a new town
 /t accept  mytown.cmd.accept Accept a town invite
 /t deny  mytown.cmd.deny  Deny a town invite

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Town – Resident

 Command  Permission  In words
 /t leave  mytown.cmd.leave  Leave the town
 /t online  Lists all onine players
 /t perm [plot/res/town]<node>  Show the current plot/res/town´s permissions
 /t perm [plot/res/town] set [key] [value]  mytown.cmd.perm.set.<node>.<key>  Change the current plot/res/town´s permissions
 /t perm [plot/res/town] force [key]  mytown.cmd.perm.force.<node>.(<key>|all)  Force the permission for childs

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Town – Assistant

 Command  Permission  In words
 /t claim <rect [n]>  mytown.cmd.claim.dim  Claim the chunk under your feets or with <rect [n]> the next [n] chunks within a rect
 /t unclaim <rect [n]>  mytown.cmd.unclaim  Unclaim the chunk under your feets or with <rect [n]> the next [n] chunks within a rect
 /t invite [name]  mytown.cmd.invite  Invite a player into your town
 /t kick [name]  mytown.cmd.kick  Kick a player out of the town
 /t setspawn  mytown.cmd.setspawn  Set the spawn of the town
 /t assignplot [name] <rect [n]>  mytown.cmd.plot  Assign a plot to a player or add <rect [n]> to assign an area of chunks

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Town – Mayor

 Command  Permission  In words
 /t assistant add/remove [name]  mytown.cmd.assistant  Give or take assistant permissions to a palyer
 /t mayor [name]  mytown.cmd.mayor  Set a player as mayor. Warning: you will loose your mayor rank, there can only be one!
 /t rename [name]  mytown.cmd.rename  Rename your town
 /t delete  mytown.cmd.delete  Delete your town. Warning: can´t be undone

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 Command  Permission  In words
 /t nation info [name]  mytown.cmd.nationinfo  Show basic info of the named nation
 /t nation list  mytown.cmd.nationlist  List all active nations
 /t nation new [new]  mytown.cmd.nationnew  Found a new nation
 /t accept  mytown.cmd.nationaccept  Accept a nation invite
 /t deny  mytown.cmd.nationdeny  Deny a nation invite
 /t nation invite [townname]  mytown.cmd.nationinvite  Invite a town
 /t nation kick [townname] mytown.cmd.nationkick  Kick a town
 /t nation transfer [townname] mytown.cmd.nationtransfer  Set a new capitol
 /t nation leave mytown.cmd.nationdelete  Leave the nation
 /t nation delete mytown.cmd.nationleave  Delete the nation

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 Command  Permission  In words
 /ta  mytown.adm.cmd
 /ta ?  mytown.adm.cmd.<cmd>  Help page for the admin commands
 /ta version  mytown.adm.cmd.version  Displays the MyTown Version
 /ta perm [town/plot/server/wild<:n>]  Shows the defined node permissions
 /gm [mode] [name]  Set the gamemode of a player to 0 = survival or 1 = creative
 /setspawn [dim] [ x y z ]  mytown.adm.cmd.setspawn  Set the spawn for a world (dim) to custom cooridnates
 /tp [player]
/tp [player] [ x y z ]  Default teleport command with interdimensional support
mytown.adm.showblocks  Shows all claimed blocks on ./t info
mytown.adm.showlocation  Shows the current player position on ./t res

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Bypass Nodes

 Command  Permission  In words
mytown.adm.bypass.pvp Bypass non-PvP
mytown.adm.bypass.teleportwait Bypass the teleport delay
mytown.adm.bypass.enter Bypass any entry protections
mytown.adm.bypass.loot Bypass any non loot areas
mytown.adm.bypass.access Bypass any container access protections Bypass any build protections
mytown.cost.bypass.townnew Bypass costs for founding a new town
mytown.cost.bypass.townclaimblock Bypass costs for claiming chunks
mytown.cost.bypass.homenew Bypass costs for createing a new home
mytown.cost.bypass.homereplace Bypass costs for replacing a homepoint
mytown.cost.bypass.hometeleport Bypass costs for the home teleport Allows the use of caps in chat Allows the use of colors in chat

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If you would like to localize MyTown for your language, you can! Here is a dump of all the available strings to localize! you want to dump the strings yourself, you can do so by setting this config option S:TermDumpFile to a file name. The file will be located in config/MyTown/<filename>Please note, some of them can be edited in the config as well, and you should do that instead  :-)To set to a localization file set S:Translations to the file name. The file will be located in config/MyTown/<filename>

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MyTownEcon by TrenTech Github:
BukkitDev Page: http://dev.bukkit.or…ins/mytownecon/
LolnetMytownTax by lolnet’s Development Team and James137137 Info: http://www.minecraft…0#entry24109837
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