MyTown, ForgePerms,

MyTown updated to and

  • The Mists Of RioV Protections (Arrows, GraviWand, and dark matter) (Thanks to krwminer)
  • Thermal Expansion Florbs
  • Lord of the Rings Orc Bombs (Thanks to krwminer)
  • Fireball (Thanks to krwminer)
  • Wither Explosion (Thanks to krwminer)
  • Wither Skull (Thanks to krwminer)
  • Fixed Modular Powersuits Protection
  • Fixed Railcraft TNT Cart (Both wooden and normal are stopped)
  • Fixed IC2 Nuke, Dynamite, and iTNT explosion bypass (Thanks to krwminer)
  • Added the ability to dump the terms (Useful if doing localization)
  • Added showTownLoginMessage and showTownLogoutMessage to the config to disable town notifications
  • Russian localization by Hydrogen and Incorrect from WarSong team. Download here for now Translations will be included by default soon!

  • Backported Fireball, wither explosion, wither skull, term dump. and town notifications.


  • Fixed ForgePex returning prefix as the suffix (whoops!)