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Looking for a forge protection plugin of the next gen ? Get MyTown and more to give your server a stable grief protection, like no bukkit plugin is able to.

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MyTown, ForgePerms,

MyTown updated to and The Mists Of RioV Protections (Arrows, GraviWand, and dark matter) (Thanks to krwminer) Thermal Expansion Florbs Lord of the Rings Orc Bombs (Thanks to krwminer) Fireball (Thanks to krwminer) Wither Explosion (Thanks to krwminer) Wither Skull (Thanks to krwminer) Fixed Modular Powersuits Protection Fixed Railcraft TNT Cart (Both wooden and normal are stopped)…

MyTown and aPerf updates

Added /t here command with perm node Added Thaumcraft 4 support to 1.6 (Equal Trade still bypasses however) Removed the chunk list on /t info <name> if you have the node Removed Redpower 2 since its not updated to 1.5 or 1.6 Removed Ars Magica from 1.6 since its not updated to it (will…


Added protections for Twilight Forest Crumble Horn Added /ta version to show the version of MyTown your running Better Tinkers Construct Hammer and Excavator support A new way to give players plots with options, if your permission system supports them.